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JP World Investment is a privately-owned company incorporated in the UK .
In 2015, JP World Investment underwent major expansion driven by the success of its ever-increasing investment portfolio that was delivering solid returns to investor clients.
Today, the JP World Investment has 3 global offices providing a local service to our worldwide clients in London (UK), Dubai (UAE) and Malindi (Kenya).



The origins of JPWI are founded in real estate with our initial activity concentrated on the renovation of individual properties and apartment complexes in European and African real estate markets. We built the foundations for our business on extensive market research and stringent due diligence prior to investing ourselves. Our investment model proved to be extremely successful and moved by the aspiration to bring wealth to others, JPWI expanded to include an immense portfolio of opportunities in emerging and distressed property markets around the world. This included the group developing its own master-planned beachfront resort in Watamu - Kenya, St. Thomas Royal Palm, which has won two awards from the Kenya Property Awards over the last 2 years.


JPWI offers asset-backed investments that are highly profitable, secure and provide sustainable returns. Our portfolio includes a unique diversity of asset-backed investments to suit different investment profiles, financial aims and budgets. We hold a range of investment types including land development, off-plan properties in luxury resort developments and complete armchair investment properties free from debt, rent ready and with immediate income potential.
Some investments require active involvement from you, while others are armchair investments taken care of by our network of local, reputable partner companies. All our investment products share a common denominator – they are all, without exception, strategic investments with the potential for strong growth and sustainable returns. The JPWI trademark – absolute transparency and due diligence – is guaranteed.


Our fundamental aspiration is to create wealth for our clients and to this end, we aim to provide the very best investment products on the market. We carry out comprehensive due diligence on all investment proposals and select only those that fulfil our return on investment criteria.
The pillar of our success is to invest in the product ourselves. Once we have bought the asset, we add value, e.g. by upgrading the asset through renovation and modernisation, clearing all debts and encumbrances and resolving any legal issues. Only when these steps are completed do we present the investment to our clients.
Providing further value to our clients, we offer services such as property management and inspection trips so that you may visit the property and site in person at any time. In addition, JPWI provides full administration support assisting you with everything from opening bank accounts to arranging tax numbers


JPWI is unique in that it owns every investment product it offers to investors. This philosophy of investing in the product ourselves is unusual in the investment world, but one that ensures our clients receive strategic assets with solid and proven investment potential and the peace of mind that we ourselves have invested. In the rare instance where we market an asset on behalf of a developer rather than making personal investment, we insist that the product complies with the same set of criteria as if we were investing our own funds.
Our guiding vision to be different by investing our own money in what we truly believe to be exceptional investment opportunities shows our clients we are in this together and that we have no doubt in the ability of our investments to turn a profit.